Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's almost November???

Whoa....I am truly slacking!!!! I can't believe it has almost been a month since I was last on here. I know, I know....many people have given me a hard time so be easy my friends. I will get better at this. It is fall, after all and fall = hibernation. So I guess that is what I have filled my days....and nights with. Wake TV and then off to bed. See, I told you things are boring over here. Well....fall also equals hoops season and I know I am not the only one in Seattle praying that UW basketball can bring us all out of mourning. I don't have to mention all of the lost seasons of football and such, you guys live it with me. So, I am putting all of my hopes in the Dawgs. Don't let me down. I am just saying....we have John Brockman and a great group around him. I think that is a recipe for success.

I am also counting on Tia's team to really show some personality. She has 8 of her own "style" of players mixing with a core group of vets...this should be fun.

Lastly, if the dawgs let me down, I always have rec ball. Now, I know what you are thinking....not exactly high action. But I will have to say that I was a little disappointed that I missed Sarah Duncan getting thrown off the court this week. I could just imagine her face getting red and all she wants to do is explode and let out every cuss word in the book. Knowing her, she probably said something completely witty that the ref didn't understand, combined with a couple of F-bombs and there she went, to the sidelines to blow her nose in her socks (I know, the weird things you remember watching your teammates do for 4 years always stick with you). Even more entertaining was probably the reaction of Jill....I am sure she smiled and rolled her eyes. See, rec ball CAN have a little drama in it.

So, this is my direction for the next couple of weeks. Waiting patiently until the dawgs take the court again so I can put all my hopes into them and quick waiting on the football teams first win (I am still waiting...I didn't give up hope yet).

I promise to get better at this...bear with me!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Writer's Cramp

Yep...that dang cramp got me again....not enough gatorade I guess. Well, I guess that just leaves me one thing to write about...September updates. I would have to say that this was an excellent month. Not only is my mom one year older (she doesn't look a day over 38) but I am as well. That's right, the big 30 is here.

I had an amazing birthday and was so thankful to everyone who shared it with me, whether physically or in spirit. We headed up to the Tulalip Casino for dinner and gambling. I must say, the casino is beautiful and I hear the spa is even better. I am excited to be able to check the spa out first hand soon. We stuffed ourselves at the buffet and then rolled on to the tables. I spent most of my time on the blackjack table and faired well. It was such a fantastic night that I decided to continue celebrating it the next day too. After visiting with Cori and crew at her goodbye brunch, I was off to take part in one of the most memorable events of my life. I had told my friend Swen that for my birthday I wanted to meet Alicia Keys. Of course I was joking but she took it to heart. The day of my birthday, she found out that she had been invited to meet Alicia before her concert. She remembered how much Alicia inspires me and decided to pass the opportunity on to me!!! I couldn't believe it! I spent a half an hour sitting in the same room as her and listening to her talk about her favorite things, her travels and outings in Seattle, etc. She was so down to earth and more beautiful in person, inside and out. After a quick autograph and a hug she left us to prepare for the concert. Swen, Jaime and I found our seats, 3 row, and prepared for an amazing show. I don't think I stopped smiling for a week after the fun I had both on my birthday and the day after.

The rest of my September was spent saying goodbye to Cori (tear) and spending as much time in the sun as possible. I was lucky to usher out summer at Golden Gardens where I watched two friends marry as well as watched the sun set on a memorable summer. Fall didn't waste anytime on showing its cold and wet head. I am excited for things to slow down and ready to hibernate in front of the TV. Thankfully football and my favorite TV series are in full effect as they will be my entertainment until the sun comes back.