Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Be the Change

I finally have something to write about...thank you to those who sent some suggestions as my creative edge was lacking. Someone suggested I should jump on the political bandwagon and tell a little about my views. Now, by no means am I an expert on this stuff but I definitely have an opinion....a pretty strong one at that. So strong that if a certain old man and crazy woman are elected, I may have to move to Turkey with Cori until conditions improve. Seriously.

I have always leaned left when it came to choosing sides. It actually hurts my feelings that elephants have been associated with "those who shall not be named" as the elephant is by far my most favorite animal. I don't know the history behind the elephant and the mule thing but it just confuses me that the righties would pick and animal that is so strongly dominated by the female species, as their symbol. As a matter of fact, the male elephants live in solitude their whole lives, except when called upon to procreate. It is the females that live together, lead by the matriarch, the eldest, most wise elephant. The elephant is a symbol of wisdom and independence. I guess I am just having trouble making the connection....maybe some of you guys are too.

So to continue with the political theme, I want to share an amazing story. I have told this to a few people and every single person has reacted the same way..."that just gave me goose bumps!"

A few weeks ago, my uncle Mike was invited to listen to Barack Obama speak in Montana. My uncle is a proud Vietnam vet and was thrilled at the invitation. Of course he enjoyed the speech and afterwards he jumped up to meet Obama. He extended his hand and thanked him for coming to Billings. My uncle then pulled out an envelope containing a news article about me and told Obama about my story and the issues that I have been dealing with. He handed Obama the envelope and asked him to please read it. Of course Obama's security swooped in to intercept the envelope but Obama politely declined their service and placed the envelope in his pocket, assuring my uncle that he would read it. My Mom thought for sure that during Obama's next speech, he would mention it. Oh Mom, keep dreaming :)

Well, there was no mention of me in his speech but what was to come was a complete surprise. My Dad came home from work yesterday to find a large envelope wedged in between the screen and front door. It was addressed to me, in care of my parents. My Dad took the liberty of opening it and immediately called me. I could tell as soon as he said hello on the phone that he was smiling from ear to ear. He said that I received I letter and a picture from Barack Obama himself!!! The letter made reference to my uncle's meeting as well as my parents move to Washington state to be closer to my sister and I. He said that my family is in his thoughts and prayers. I still can't believe it and I probably won't until I see it first hand. This just reassures me that I have picked the right man to vote for.

Someone who is real, who values family and cares about the future of the people and this nation. The people who care about Change. The people who do not share the same beliefs of a man who has failed his country for 8 years and hides behind his successes of getting us through the worst terrorist attack to date, only to go after the wrong people and cause more American deaths than those who lost their lives almost 7 years ago. Of course there are more examples but we are moving forward here.

Obama is a man that will push the limits set by others in order to secure equal rights for all. Not just those who fit someone else's views as "right" and "wrong". He will allow the matriarchs of our country the right to choose what is best for their future instead of holding us to someone else's values. He will help our children continue to grow in society that promotes equal rights for each of them, not just the privileged few. He is cultivating a culture of acceptance of all by learning from the mistakes of our past and aligning each of us as equals. He is helping all by opening doors to people who have felt nothing but solitude and dissimilarities. Doesn't this echo what the United States stood for hundreds of years ago? Allowing the freedom to choose instead of being controlled by the few elected elite?

So this is my view and this is my story. This is what I stand for and this is what I hope for. Sorry if this may be offensive to some but hopefully it will provoke some thought. If you are reading this then I know you care about me. If you care about me then I know you care about the future of issues like stem cell research and equal rights. Let's not concentrate on how individuals can remain rich but instead make the lives of everyone enriched.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

fridgid feet

please send any ideas how to warm up my feet....seriously guys. bad circulation=super cold feet. i could put socks on but then my feet feel like they fall asleep. i really don't know what is worse. send the suggestions. and while you are at it...send me some fun topics to blog about because i have hit a blogging wall.