Wednesday, July 29, 2009

100 Degress


My garden is growing like wildfire
The sun is out
Going to work in the morning is soooo much easier
Going shopping has a whole new purpose
Dining out has a whole new purpose
My cat is lazy and does not meow as much to go outside
It is summer



I don't believe in I will just leave it at one. That one is driving me bonkers.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back in Action

Hello, hi, how are ya? The blog is back after a looong hiatus. Sorry about that :) So, let me give you a little update on what has been going on in my life.

SUMMER IS is definitely, hands down, my favorite season. I love long days spent outside, BBQ's, sun tans, fire pits, vacations, yard work and the chance for absolutely no chance of rain. Well, except for today, which it is actually comforting because I have nothing to do.

This weekend I traveled to Portland with friends to see Coldplay in concert. I am pretty sure the concert is tied as one of my all time favorite concerts (tied with Ms. Keys, obvi). It was amazing...beautiful weather, a great play list, a rendition of Michael Jackson's Billy Jean sang 20 feet away from me, great friends. What more could a girl want, right?! After the concert, we were wiped out so we went back to the hotel and passed out. We spent the next day shopping in Portland. I have never really hung out in Portland and was pleasantly surprised. We spent the day on Hawthorne Street, weaving in and out of shops, finally settling in the Bridgeport Ale House. One beer and I was a little dazed....strong stuff. We set off for Seattle around 4pm and spent the rest of the evening relaxing.

The 4th of July was spent in our backyard with great friends. My roommate, Kim, celebrated her 30th birthday with bbq, beer, sun and flip cup. About 30 of our friends and family joined in the on the celebration. All of the preparations and work put into the day was well worth it.

Besides the concerts and BBQ's, the rest of the time this summer has been devoted to working in my yard. It has come a LONG way in the last few months and I am enjoying the progress made. There is a long list of "to do's" and this is what we have accomplished so far.

-digging a roof full of shingles out of their shallow grave (grrrr).
-tons of tree trimming, weed pulling, and rock digging.
-planting, watering and watching my potted garden bloom.
-planting flowers, bushes and shrubs.
-grinding 3 huge tree stumps.
-more rock digging.
-staining the deck.
-digging up little treasures and more rocks.
-piling all the rocks on the side of the house in a little dry river bed formation.
-digging up rocks...have I said that before?

I of course am not the one completing most of these items. Kim and my parents have done most of the work. So while I am watching the yard come into it's own, I am also watching their muscles tone. I also can't forget to mention the bathroom remodel. It started about a month ago and it is slowly taking shape. It will be well worth the is a sneak preview...

Lastly, I have been spending time figuring out how I want to spend my vacation time this summer. I have 3 events planned, starting with the annual Double Day Bike Ride to benefit the ALS Association. If you haven't done it before, you definitely should. It is a two day ride covering 85 miles of the beautiful Skagit Valley. Last year it was amazing to spend the weekend with others living with ALS and families riding in memory of lost loved ones. It definitely brings your spirits up to see so many people riding to support a good cause. If you want to join the team, click on the link and find Mo's Biker Beauties.

Another great event in the works is the first annual Ring Around the Needle pub crawl. This is definitely something you don't want to miss! 5-8 bars around lower Queen Anne, all donating beer and a good time to benefit the Melissa Erickson Foundation. I promise you, you will have fun and feel good about drinking some beer.

I have decided to close out my summer going back to my roots. I will be Denver bound on September 2nd and will have fun showing Jessica around my old stomping ground. It has changed so much, I hope I remember where I am at. I am hoping to have some sort of a fund raiser in Denver, so stay tuned if you are in that area. So far we have a Rockies game on the agenda and will be traveling up to the New Belgium Brewery for a tour. Everything else is up in the air.

So that is about all for me. I will try to keep this thing up to date and not slack off as I have in the last month or two...who's counting :)