Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I have been meaning to update this guy for a while...so here goes. Yes, my title states "September" but let me recall a special event in August. Helloooooo, Ring Around the Needle!!! Wow...talk about an emotional day! Let me list some of them; excited, humbled, scared, happy, loved, honored....I could go on. I have some of the best friends in the world who are genuine, good hearted and strong. The Pink Ladies put the event together, executed day of operations, had a great time, breast fead a baby and got pretty tipsy (the last two did not happen to the same person). The event is still bringing in $$$ but so far is up to a whopping $20,000+!!!! Awesome, just plain awesome!

After recovering from the debauchery of the Ring, Jessica and I traveled to one of my hometowns, good old Littleton, CO. It was fun to play tourist in a town I spent over 8 years in. However, I really felt like a tourist, there is nothing the same about Denver. We stayed in a fun hotel downtown, walked around 16th St Mall, caught a Rockies game, ate well, drank well and enjoyed sharing memories with old friends. I think Jessica was through with my trip down memory lane by the weeks end but she enjoyed the stories that made an ass out of me. It was a great time.

Next up on the itinerary was a couple of amazing weddings and then, BIRTHDAY TIME!!!!

That's right, I turned the big 3-1!!! What a GREAT WEEKEND!!! It started off with a birthday dinner with Jessica's family. Followed by brunch and mimosas the next day at my house, a wedding and drinks and cards with friends. The weekend didn't end there, Jessica and I caught the matenae show of Wicked. It was a great show followed by a yummy appetizer dinner at Chandler's. The weekend may have been over but the fun wasn't. A pair of Pearl Jam tickets fell into my lap so Carmen, Kyle and I rocked out last night to Pearl Jam. What a great show...those guys are still killing it on stage! Thank you, Cori for a rad ass bday present.

And, of course, I can't forget to say, CONGRATS HUSKY FOOTBALL!!! Unranked UW beats little ole #3 USC...that topped off my birthday!!!