Sunday, May 3, 2009

Aaaahhhhh Weekends

Seriously....why can't we have a 4 day weekend??? I guess my two favorite days of the week wouldn't be as sweet if they were the majority. I lie...they would. I can absolutely say that a sunny day makes this city buzzzzzz. The freeways are jammed, the lakes are packed with boats and the parks are a zoo. Seattle sun is probably never taken for granted.

This weekend was especially great because we were able to enjoy sun on Friday and Sunday (Saturday, get with it). One of my favorite days of the year is the Windemere Cup. I can actually say, I have never watched the crew races or experienced the boat parades but I always seem to find myself stuck on 520 long enough to get a glimpse of the boats tied up to each other forming the raceway for the Cup. It is definitely a sight and I was happy for them that at least one of their days was sunny.

After making it home through the maze of traffic, I didn't want to leave. We held our traditional game night on Friday. Cranium is typically our game of choice and my team usually wins. However, Jessica and I did not bring our A game and Kim and Abby came out victorious. Newcomers, Swen, Jamie, Ashley and Jen put up a fight to the end but their sllloooooow start had them doomed. They are no longer newbies and have witnessed the competitiveness that the regulars bring night in and night out. If things go array, there have been carrot fights, wrestling and pouting, none of which come from this angel.

As I said before, Saturday's weather left a lot to be desired. RAAAAIIIIIN, booooo! BUT, it made it a perfect day for painting. Kim Hope returned in the morning to lead us in painting. Both Jess and I have never really painted so it was nice to have a little direction. We jumped in the van for Home Depot, picked a great color of green, yelled at a red neck Harley driver for parking in the handicap zone, and headed back to the house to paint. A few hours later we were surrounded in Moss Landing green and out of paint. All the hard work was completed for the day so it was on to fun times. We cleaned up and set out for a little beer pong. Kim and I devoured the amazing dinner made by our friend Erin, conversed with the other party goers and tried our hand at a little pong. I wish I could say that we came out victorious but I definitely can not. We lost 5 TIMES. WHAT, seriously!!! I am just as amazed as you but I can say that we mostly lost to a team that whore matching beer pong shirts. Needless to say, they must be well practiced.

Sunday started perfectly, breakfast with friends that I haven't seen in months. The eggs benedict was great and the conversation was even better. After filling my stomach and saying goodbye to my friends I headed back home to find that my green room was basically finished and Kim moved on to yard work. Seriously, do I really have friends this incredible? YES. We chopped the hell out of some seriously overgrown ferns and the backyard look a whole lot better now. I didn't realize the potential of it until today.

All in all it was the perfect weekend ( minus the losses in Cranium and beer pong). Here's to the weather staying beautiful and having friends who never cease to amaze me.

PS- I also just found out about the website this weekend. Where has this gem been all my life? Commercial free radio and the music choice is always what I want. If you don't know about it, you need to check it out. If anyone else has any hidden gems, send them my way.