Sunday, March 1, 2009

Get a Move On it!

Patience...either you have it, or you don't. I totally think I am patient, I hold it together....I wait and wait without complaints. Right?! Well, that is what I think but I am sure there are many other people that have a different opinion about this, but so what. So, after waiting and waiting to find out if my parents offer on a new house was accepted by the sellers, by the bank, by the other bank and whether or not the inspection would pass, my patience finally were rewarded with a YES!!!

Jessica and I will be the beneficiaries of a new house in Shoreline, WA. It is beautiful, well at least it will be after a thorough cleaning. This house will need elbow grease, knee grease and a whole lot of TLC. BUT, after that, it will be AWESOME!

Capitol Hill has been my neighborhood for the past 3 years and I will definitely be sad to leave it. My first year was spent with my awesome roommate, Brock and we definitely took advantage of the nightlife, restaurants and the ability to be able to walk or bus where ever we wanted to go.

After that fun year, I decided to enter the real estate market and found a awesome condo about a block from my apartment. It has been my home for the last 2 years and has definitely taught me so much about real estate, home ownership and all of that adult stuff. But all good times have to come to an end right....nah. They will keep on rolling but in a different zip code. While all of the responsibilities of a house may seem a little overwhelming for some, I am excited about it. Call me naive but I have always found a way to get things done. My incredible support group always rallies when my efforts fall short.

Speaking of rallying, I may need some of that come moving day. We decided to pay someone for their elbow grease when it comes to cleaning, so that is out of the way. However, once the house is showered in bleach, the moving begins. I am hoping to rally a few friends to help my parents move. There is not a lot of stuff but definitely some heavy things that my dad's back needs to avoid. I am sure there will be plenty of food and beverages to reward those who help, so if you want to help, let me know what your drink of choice is...I will go to Costco and provide.

Well you have read about my fabulous times on Capitol Hill and they can be duplicated by you! YOU can move into my pad and experience the fun for yourself. I am trying to get the max price for this baby but if I know you and I trust you, I may be able to come down a little. I would love to have someone in here that I know will keep it spotless so I can finally sell it when times improve.

So SPREAD THE WORD AND HELP A SISTA OUT!!! Check the link for pictures and details. Have a good March, hopefully St. Patrick will push a little luck in all of our paths.

PS- My condo is sitting pretty on the bottom right corner of the fabulous park in the center of the picture. (Things to consider, suntanning in the park, walking to shop downtown, never having to pay for another cab home at night...just walk, you will burn the calories. Oh, and there is a Dick's two blocks away to satisfy all late night cravings. You know you want to.)