Thursday, September 4, 2008

fridgid feet

please send any ideas how to warm up my feet....seriously guys. bad circulation=super cold feet. i could put socks on but then my feet feel like they fall asleep. i really don't know what is worse. send the suggestions. and while you are at it...send me some fun topics to blog about because i have hit a blogging wall.


Erin Heise said...

My Dad used the slippers that are made of down feathers, I think he got them at REI. Also corn/rice bags that you can buy and warm up in the microwave, they stay hot for over an hour and I think they have ones that can do in your shoes/slippers too!!

brendam said...

Hi Melissa! I'm your folks neighbor across the street...(Snuff & Luigi's Mom) ;-}

I was BORN with freezing feet, so I know how you feel! A few years ago I found these nifty socks that you can put in the microwave! I can't remember where I got them, but did find this just now when I googled "microwave socks" -- . Check them out! I use them for neck/various muscle aches occasionally too!
Let me know if you try them!
Stay warm!

Britni said...

I meant to post this here... Hot Water.... put your feet in it... take a bath in it, it's the only thing that gets me warm... I am perpetually cold... all the time, this is the only thing that works...