Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ring Around The Needle!!!

Ok, I am pretty sure that most of you have heard or have signed up for this fabulous event...but, if is the skinny.

On August 29th, the Melissa Erickson Foundation is holding the 1st Annual, Ring Around the Needle. It is a pub crawl in Lower Queen Anne. is the good news! With your $35 entry fee, you get 8 drink tickets for 8 different bars. You and your team will travel from bar to bar, socializing, drinking karma filled beers, eating appetizers and having fun. I mean, seriously, does this not sound like a great idea?! You can even stick around after the crawl and go to the Storm game for HALF PRICE!!! I mean, we are in a recession so might as well go since the tickets will be so cheap.

You will get a t-shirt, coupons for other vendors, some Vitamin Water and a whole lotta feel good pride. Please check out the official website for more info and registration details. This is going to be fun...don't miss it!!!!

Sign up today!!!!!

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