Thursday, August 26, 2010

So Official

Thassss right, the Melissa Erickson Foundation is elevating to new heights. Of course, the Ring Around the Needle is Saturday and you ALL are going. AND we are in the jewelry market...and by jewelry, I mean this!!!

Oh yeah, limited addition, plastic stretchy tennis bracelets that are inscribed with "WHY I OUGHTA FIGHT FOR MO" on one side, and "CURE ALS" on the other. They were created with love by a well known karaoke-er/designer, Michelle Boline. One for $3 or two for $5. With Husky football around the corner, you better get both so you can show your support in multiple ways. On sale at the pub crawl or message me for a PRIVATE viewing. Hurry, do not miss out on this special offer!

(insert a giddy Ashley Sofie here)


Ashley said...

Love the shout out! Who wouldn't be giddy about it?! :)

Tacoma Barry said...

Sorry, limited alcohol intake for me ;-) Love ya, praying for you, sister!

Nappsack Photos said...

Hello Mo, I hope you got the pictures I sent if not take a look at the blog and check them out. Pass the link on the friends and fam.

Take care and thank you for allowing me to be part of this event I hope to be part of next years celebration.


Wayne Jung, Nappsack