Saturday, December 10, 2011

i have an addiction

 i've always loved shopping so this probably won't shock many people. i stumbled upon in september and if there was such thing as a "rookie shopper of the year award", i am positive that i would be in the running. below are some of my favorite october and november purchases. i can't wait to start...who am i fooling, continue x-mas shopping on this gem of a website.

the absolute best thing about Etsy is that all of the vendors are small businesses and in some cases, local too. people selling to people without the big corporation crap. did i mention that i love Etsy...

 awesome fine art photograph that i can't wait to hang.

 i have found the most amazing pillow covers...if i could, i would have a room full of pillows.

 these are the best hairbands i have ever owned. they make great bracelets before getting your hair out of your face.

 my most cherished purchase!

 if it looks antique it's because it is.

 gonna make some sweet vases.

 you already know!

chalkboard mantle has a lot to say.

scrabble coasters.

enough blogging...back to shopping!