Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chicken Wings and Weiners

Now that the Olympics are over I can finally dedicate my time to the blog. So on Saturday instead of tuning into the closing ceremonies (let's be honest, I probably would have cried) I attended a BBQ at Penny and Loree's beautiful home. Jessica and I arrived around 2:30pm and met Penny on the driveway, busy frying up some wings in her outdoor deep fryer. As soon as I smelled the grease I basically decided to undo my belt buckle a notch, forget any food restrictions I had set prior and EAT AWAY!!! After a quick lift up the steps from the muscles of the group, Kayla and Emily I posted myself in the kitchen waiting patiently to taste the first round of wings. WAY BETTER then they even smelled! We continued to chat away until the guests arrived.

Soon enough people started to trickle in and Kayla began displaying her culinary skills. Yes, not only is she the muscles but she doubles as Chief Grillmaster. After a few heckles from the peanut gallery, the hot dogs were complete and it was time to enjoy the food. Loree and Penny had a beautiful spread of food and everyone must have smelled it because the backyard filled up fast. I enjoyed catching up with everyone and hearing stories of this summer's happenings. We ate and talked into the evening before we were rushed inside by darkness. The party continued with beer pong and music. I am not sure how much of the keg was drank but I am pretty sure we didn't leave much. A few of us decided that the night could definitely not end so we headed out to a bar on Capitol Hill. We basically closed it down and wrapped up an amazing night.

So I need to throw out some special thanks:

Penny and Loree- Huge thanks for opening up your home, cooking, being amazing hosts and just being awesome. I can't wait until we can do it again....even if it is on a much smaller scale. I owe you guys dinner. Name the date and we will do it!!!

Kayla, Emily, Sarah and Jessica--Thank you guys too...you are basically house guests of L and P's so I am sure you all did a lot to help them get this together.

Ty and Tootsie-- Thanks for being the life of the party ;)

RB, Kit, Janet, Mom, Dad, Larry and Judy--Thanks for putting up with all the loud and craziness, I am so happy you guys came.

Besties--I always thank you and I always love you.

Bethany--Gets the longest traveled award. All the way from NYC via Chicago.

Kyle--Being one of the only guys amongst all the ladies, I am sure it wasn't that hard ;)

HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO CAME, SUPPORTED AND DONATED!!!! Because of you guys, the foundation raised a little over $1,000!!!! That is huge!

I love you all and I thank you more than I possibly can.

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Leanne said...

Joe and I would like to thank you for the love and support that all of you have given to Melissa. She is very lucky to have so many friends standing beside her.
Joe, Leanne and Kristin Erickson