Monday, March 15, 2010

How Does She Do It?

People always ask me, "How do you do it?", and my answer is typically pretty short and simple. However, when Janet Pelz and I sat down to discuss this topic, it lead to a long talk which seemed to be between long lived friends. Janet is an inspired writer/journalist/blogger who enjoys talking to women who daily, battle adversity head-on. Her blog, How Does She Do It, dives into the lives of many local women who have left their "normal" lives, some willing, others not, for a new path. Whether leaving a financially stable job to start a non-profit or battling disease, these women are a unique bunch that I like to call, "gamers".

In basketball, a gamer is someone who rises to the challenge of each game in spite of their deficiencies in preparation, lack of knowledge about their opponent, or general ability to fight. Granting all of these, a gamer rises to the challenge each time, putting up triple-double sort of numbers. Not worriying how tall the mountain to climb, how much money she won't have, or the statistical odds of survival, a gamer rises to the occasion.

If this type of a person piques your interest, check out my link above. Read my story as well as about the other courageous women.

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Janet Pelz said...


What a wonderful description of my blog, and so spot on! I love hearing how others interpret the stories I write, but yes, they are all rooted in the truth that women are always ready to take on just one more thing to help family, community or even the world. It's such a pleasure adding you to my community. You are a blessing.
Keep checking the comment link -- you got one from Shimmy today (I sent her the story).

- Janet Pelz