Monday, March 8, 2010


I have to let all of you faithful readers know about an amazing woman. Sonya Elliot, owner of Full Court Design and founder of Peace-Love-Basketball, has an amazing story of tragedy, strength, faith and perserverence. I cant recapsulate the story with the same elegance she has shown, so I won't even try. However, I want to encourage everyone to check out the link highlighted above.

She is strong. She is beautiful. She is smart. She is selfless. She is kind. She is woman.

She is the type of person you want to have in your corner in times of need. She is also the lady you want to shop with because her style is evident by the clothes she designs. Check her out for will love her inspiration and style. Her is a snipit of her ad. I am telling you, it does not do her or her story justice. Take a minute and check it out for yourself.

Thank you, Sonya, for caring about me. Sonya was graceful enough to send a few shirts my way and I have a hard time taking them off. I am currently wearing the black long sleeve despite the chili stain from lunch earlier. Sonya has also offered to partner with the Melissa Erickson Foundation on a t-shirt design for March Madness. Stay tuned to this blog or check out hers for more details.

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