Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ol' Skool

Taking it back to the ol' school, Cause I'm an ol' fool, who's so cool....

Ok, I'm not as old as Tag Team but damn, "Whoomp, There it Is" has some classic lines! I mean, right?! All right, I was 14 when that ish came out but I am not revisiting that period in my life...just yet. I would rather concentrate this entry on a much more hip era in my life. The one where I do they say it these days....HELLA SWAG!

Please notice the white headband and corn rows. This suburban white girl had it going on. The other two in the pic...well, they did too. In the All Pac-10 sort of way.

And yes...this picture wasn't exactly taken during my hay days either but this is how Hec Ed looked for a women's game. At any's a great day to be a dawg!

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