Sunday, August 14, 2011


there are few people that can completely captivate me by sight and sound.
no doubt, Adele is quite possibly my number one. i was fortunate to see her perform at the Triple Door two years ago. she was new on the scene but performed beautifully.
fast forward to 2011, after learning my dear friend Swen secured tickets to last night's concert at Seattle's historic Paramount Theater, i was eager to hear her soulful voice again. as she took the stage (singing my absolute fav song, Hometown Glory) i sat back and was in my version of heaven. her stage presence was noticeably more comfortable than two years ago and she spoke and waived to each of us like she just had lunch with everyone earlier in the day. i truly believe that she absolutely adores her fans and enjoys interacting with her audience and giving us insight into her creative writing process.

i am sure i smiled throughout the entire concert.
i am positive that i sang along the whole time.
and i will admit that i even cried
(like ugly cried).
i'm ok with it because,


here's a little song to make you smile.


Courtney said...

So glad you got to see her again. I love picturing you smiling and even UGLY CRYING! Sometimes you just gotta!

The Shoe Whore said...

Love it, Love her, Love U!!!!

Bluebird said...

First Love!