Friday, August 5, 2011

Often Awesome: A Love Story - Episode 1

people always ask me, "what is it really like living with ALS?" as honest as i can, i try to describe my day-to-day routine, what goes through my head and how my body feels. my family and friends who have known me preALS have witnessed first hand how my body has melted due to the inferno that is Lou Gehrig's Disease. i always wondered what it would be like to have a video camera following me 24/7 and be able to watch it at super high speed. would my muscles shrink as fast as a hummingbird flaps his wings? would people witness the colossal failure of my body and realize how unfair it is, that doctors searching for a treatment lack the appropriate funding because of how relatively unknown ALS actually is?

Tim LaFollette has ALS. Tim has a mission. Tim has more courage than anyone i know. and Tim has let a camera document ALS's war path over his entire body. Often Awesome is the award winning web series that documents Tim's battle with ALS. get to know Tim and his army of sparrows (you'll understand the reference soon) relentlessly fight to keep the upper hand in this unwavering war. currently there are 33 episodes released on You Tube and Facebook in the ongoing series. please visit my blog weekly for new episodes...

Tim meet my Bloggees, Bloggees meet Tim...

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Courtney said...

Melissa, thanks for sharing Tim's story. I lost my Mom to ALS in 2007so watching Tim talk about his diagnosis brings back a lot of feelings from what we went through in December 2005.

My husband has been doing the Doubleday in my Mom's honor since 2009. We've been so touched seeing all of your friends and loved ones on your Doubleday team. You have quite the following and are clearly well-loved.

I appreciated seeing your website on some of the t-shirts, so we could keep up with you. Thanks for sharing your heart with everyone.