Monday, August 22, 2011

researchers find the cause of ALS!!!

as i ritually surf facebook before i fall into dreamland, i come across this link;

"researchers find cause of ALS".

i skipped to the next update like it was nothing...then it clicked and my eyes raced back up to the link that basically said "melissa erickson, you are a finalists in the bazillion dollar lottery!!!". i couldn't open the link. i froze. i can honestly say that i have never imagined that i would read this sentence in my lifetime. oddly enough, i just don't think about a cure or treatment at all because it's not on my agenda today and today is really the only thing i plan for. this little article forces me think about tomorrow. this is a gift and a curse. this article is staring me in the face. i take a deep breath, shrug my shoulders like Rocky against the Soviet, and do what i gotta do.

ADRIENNE, ur ahhh....JESSICA!!!!

i made her read it... just in case when i clicked on the link, ashton kutcher popped on the screen and screamed, "you got punked, beeeeeotch!!!". jess read through it and confirmed that it is legit. that half of the chains that entraps my body quite possibly may be removed. i know, i am still trapped but the Marauder's Map may have been discovered! i feel like i and thousands of other prisoners, may live to fight this beast and our weapons were upgraded from a bitch slap to a machete! that one day i'll be able to wave my wand and say, "mischief managed". THIS. IS. HUGE!!!

i'm still living for today, but tomorrow...looks a lot more colorful.


McKimmie-Style said...

I hug you from here, and admire your ability to keep a sense of strength and a sense of humor, always. Love you Mo!!

Loosy said...

tears of joy my friend. tears of joy.

Lisa Lyons said...

I too want to give you a HUGE hug!!! You are such an inspiration. I wish I wasn't so far away so I could hang out with you more. Know that I think about you often!

Courtney said...

I just heard about this today and am ecstatic. There was no hope when my Mom passed four years ago and to hear that there is HOPE today - it brings tears to my eyes!

Now, comes some serious prayer that we can evolve from CAUSE to CURE!

Dani D. said...

Beautiful post, Mo. You inspire me. Every day.