Sunday, September 18, 2011

it's my birthday and i need your help!

this getting older business is for the birds! when you're a kid, you can't wait for your birthday. as we get older, we are just thankful to see another year. this year for my birthday, i only want one thing from each of you. JUST ONE THING!

i've known Andrew Moritz since my freshmen year at UW. before i got to know him, my teammates and i would see him and we'd joke, "look, Jon B plays for u-dub!" seriously, same fade, same facial hair and definitely the same swag...drew defined swag! when i finally got to know him, we were friends instantly. you can't not like drew. he's the type of guy that isn't satisfied until you are laughing so hard that you're crying. once you've cried, it's over, because now he just simply has give you a look and that same joke resurfaces and you're crying again. i know what you're thinking, "what's wrong with that, laughing is good." it is except when he does it in the middle of a professor's lecture, or in the weight room, and the worst-- as he walks by the basketball court that you're trying intently to listen to your coach during practice and you make the mistake of making eye contact with the guy! fourteen years later, just one glance from drew and i'm laughing...that is what i love about Andrew Moritz.

so what does this have to do with my birthday? like me, Andrew drew the short straw when it comes to health. while we celebrated New Years 2009, drew was given the devastating news that he has Desmoplastic Small Round Cell Cancer, a rare and at this time, incurable form of cancer. fast-forward to the present and drew is still battling cancer and still making me laugh. the only thing that's different is that he is now responsible for 20% of his medical bills. as he endures continuous rounds of chemo, his bank account drains faster than his energy.

for my birthday i want you to sign up for the MVP Challenge, a 5k Run/Walk at GREEN LAKE on October 22, 2011 at 10am. bring your walking or running shoes, dogs, cats, what ever you like, just participate! There will be tons of celebrities. all proceeds go to Andrew. if you can't do it, sign up anyways or visit his blog and make a PayPal donation! every penny counts!!! click on the colored links above to learn more about drew, his form of cancer and most importantly, how to sign up for the MVP Challenge