Friday, September 2, 2011

merch for sale!

these little gems were sold like hot cakes at this year's pub crawl. however, we were a little overzealous when placing our order and we have a few more to sell. these guys need a good home where they will be surrounded by lips of plenty and filled by icy cold beverages of your choice. instead of littering the earth with plastic bottles, you can carry your water in this purple and gold masterpiece. it also works well for all you tailgaters! who wouldn't want to pop one of those pint glasses in the freezer so when you get home from work and need a beer, you have a frosty glass waiting for you! IT'S LIKE A PUB CRAWL AT YOUR HOUSE EVERY DAY!!!

i know what you're thinking, i totally missed my calling; used car salesman. you want one though, so i'll get to the point...

pint glasses are 1 for $8 or 2 for $15
water bottles are $10

the easiest way to get in contact with me is by email:

please put "pub crawl" in the subject line.

buy'em up friends...all proceeds go straight to the foundation!

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